Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Earn money thru Mobile Phones (mGinger)

With the revolution in the mobile communication, now a days every individual will have one or 2 mobile phones or SIMs. So advertising through mobile has become very popular as it reaches many people. mGinger is one such advertising company. They will send SMS ads & also pay you for receiving such SMS. Ads are targeted based on your inputs, they also have good deals & coupons regularly. They also do pay for receiving ads via emails. So instead of simply receiving SMS ads by the service provider or some other company without any benefit, you can go for this mGinger where you can earn money for receiving SMS & emails.

To register, all you need to do is to click on the below link and register yourself with details of the kind of advertisements you want to receive. Users get to choose the number of ads they want and when they would like to receive them. The company will pay users 20 paise for each SMS ad received and 10 paise per referral & 5 paise for each of the referral's referral SMS ad received. They will also pay 10 paise for each email ad.

Here is a small math for how much you can earn thru this program ...
Lets say you have 20 Referrals & each referral has 10 referrals.
If you get 5 Ads per day, then your direct income = 5 * 0.2 = 1 Re. per day
If your 20 first level referrals get 5 ads per day then its 20*5*0.1 = 10 Rs per day
If your 20*10=200 second level referrals get 5 ads per day then its 200*5*0.05 = 50 Rs
per day
If you receive 10 email ads per day then your email income is 10*0.1 = 1 Re.
per day

So your total income per day is 1 + 20 + 200 + 1 = 62 Rs
Your monthly income is 62 * 30 = 1860 Rs
Your annual income is 62 * 365 = 22,630 Rs.

Wow ! 22,630 Rs annually without much effort is simply superb !
Then what are you waiting for ... Sign up here by clicking on the below banner:

Money which I have already earned in mGinger so far is Rs ~ 2000/-

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